Products of Ibiza

Gastronomía Ibicenca

Tasty and authentic, that's how the products of Ibiza are!

We cannot talk about gastronomy in Ibiza without mentioning the products that are cultivated on the island or the delights that the Mediterranean Sea provides us.

Because we think that to travel is also to experience the produce of that land, the history of those who cultivate it, the landscapes it is found in.

In large part thanks to the climate that we enjoy throughout the year on the island, Ibiza offers a variety of high quality products.

Whether they are products derived from the land or the sea, they are all cultivated or fished in an environmentally friendly way, trying to maintain the traditions of our ancestors and also preserving the beautiful landscapes that the island offers us.

In this section, you can find out about the produce that will make Ibiza your culinary destination!

We want you to discover the essence of the island's gastronomy. Unique oils with a Mediterranean flavour, wines with an irresistible aroma, Ibizencan honey that makes us all fall in love, "Ibizan herbs" that transport us, and so much more...

Products of Ibiza

Miel Certificada de Ibiza

Certified Honey from Ibiza

Olive oil

Ecological Farming

Lamb From Ibiza


"Hierbas Ibicencas"

Wine from Ibiza


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