Made in Ibiza

A section dedicated to the companies that elaborate and produce locally in Ibiza, and in which we focus on those that allow us to enjoy the best that the land and sea of Ibiza provide us with. Their products cannot be missing from our table and are part of our gastronomy.

We will also introduce you to some traditional recipes from the island of Ibiza, and we will explain which are the quality brands of Ibiza.

Local production and elaboration

  • Fluxà Ibiza

    Fluxà Ibiza

    Santa Eulalia · 971 31 83 50
    When Joan Tur founded Fluxà Ibiza, the family company that takes his family name, he was clear about two things: that he wanted to use artisan production methods, and that the island of Ibiza and i...
  • Ibizkus


    Santa Eulalia · +34 971 80 73 30
    Founded in 2007 as Totem Wines, Ibizkus Wines S.L. has established itself as one of the leading wine producers on the island of Ibiza and the number one exporter. During 2015, their winery has prod...
  • Cafés Ibiza

    Cafés Ibiza

    Ibiza · 971 314 468
    In order to achieve the highest quality in its products, Cafés Ibiza searches in the countries of origin for coffees with the most suitable characteristics and of the highest level. The roasting p...
  • Can Malacosta

    Can Malacosta

    Ibiza · 971 30 22 53
    Can Malacosta is a family business in Ibiza founded in 1963, in 1993 we acquired a farm in San Carlos (Ibiza), where we currently have more than 5,800 fruit trees. For approximately 15 years we hav...
  • Peix Nostrum

    Peix Nostrum

    Ibiza · 971 313 263
    The registered trademark PEIX NOSTRUM was created in 2008, thanks to the alliance of professional fishermen from the Cofradía de Eivissa and the Cofradía de Sant Antoni. The traceability of the pr...
  • LAW Gin

    LAW Gin

    Santa Eulalia · 609689008
    LAW - The Gin of Ibiza The essence of the island, authentically "kilometre 0". Pure, fruity and smooth - LAW owes its exceptional aroma to the best botanicals, hand-picked in Ibiza: Sabina juniper...
  • Ibizaloe


    San Antonio · 971 343 889
  • Associació d'Apicultors d'Eivissa

    Associació d'Apicultors d'Eivissa

    Ibiza · 617 443 045
    The Beekeepers' Association of Ibiza and Formentera was founded in 1989 with the aim, among many others, of promoting the comprehensive development of beekeeping in all fields, ensuring the quality...
  • Frutos Secos Ibiza

    Frutos Secos Ibiza

    San Antonio · 971 19 82 92
    Frutos Secos Ibiza, a company with 44 years of experience on the island, offers the widest range of conventional and organic nuts and dried fruit, snacks, sweet and savoury snacks and a wide range ...
  • Familia Marí Mayans

    Familia Marí Mayans

    San Antonio · 971 103 574
    Familia Marí Mayans: since 1880 Ibiza in your glass. To talk about Familia Marí Mayans is to talk about Ibiza. Since the birth of this company in Formentera in 1880, its products have not stopped ...


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