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Associació d'Apicultors d'Eivissa

About us

The Beekeepers' Association of Ibiza and Formentera was founded in 1989 with the aim, among many others, of promoting the comprehensive development of beekeeping in all fields, ensuring the quality of bee products and informing consumers of their advantages and characteristics.

As Vicent Mari, President of the association since 2016, explains, "there is no honey like that of Ibiza; it is unique and singular for its physical-chemical parameters and because due to its high demand it has a very low hydroxymethylfurfural content, which is what catalyses the chemical parameters of honey, and a very high diastase". 

Eivissa honey is also special in terms of the amount of pollen it contains. For a honey to be considered monofloral it must have 51% pollen from the plant (rosemary, thyme or carob, for example), and some of the honeys from Ibiza have much higher results.

We present a unique product, 100% made in Ibiza.


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