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Cooperativa Agrícola Santa Eulalia

About us

We are a cooperative of general agricultural supplies including fertilisers, animal feed and fodder, tools for work in the fields, irrigation systems, horticultural seedlings and small agricultural machinery. We also promote local products such as sausages, xeixa wheat flour, oils or wines and we have a refuelling station for agricultural diesel for tractors or other machines that need this type of fuel.

We offer different alternatives so that farmers in the area can have what they need at all times: agricultural supplies, tools, small machinery (motor hoes, brush cutters, motor pumps, etc), nursery of high quality vegetable and fruit trees, irrigation systems, agricultural and biodegradable plastic for sowing vegetables in professional and domestic format, and sale of fuel.

We supply quality feed and cereals in different volumes to farms in the area, as well as retail sales at our facilities, so that your farm animals always have the best feed at the moment.

In the same way, we emphasize that our company has different types of fertilizers and fertilizers, both liquid and solid or foliar, as well as macronutrients, micronutrients and amino acids. All this is part of our wide selection and we will tell you which are the best depending on the crop you have.



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