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Peix Nostrum

About us

The registered trademark PEIX NOSTRUM was created in 2008, thanks to the alliance of professional fishermen from the Cofradía de Eivissa and the Cofradía de Sant Antoni.

The traceability of the product is essential to ensure its good quality. With the Peix Nostrum seal, it is guaranteed that the fish has been caught by a vessel of the professional fishing fleet of the island of Ibiza and that it has been handled, refrigerated and protected correctly, with maximum hygiene, and that it has been caught in an artisanal, selective and environmentally friendly way.

Peix Nostrum's philosophy is clear: sustainability and quality.

On the island of Ibiza, proximity trade, KM 0, is essential to maintain an economic balance and to ensure the distribution and sale of quality local products.

You can find fish with the Peix Nostrum seal in different points of the island. Do not hesitate to consult them here.



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