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Oli d'Eivissa

About us

Hierbas IGP EivissaAceite de Ibiza was created with the aim of promoting a product with particular qualities that can only be obtained on the island thanks to its unique soil and climate.
With this seal we ensure that both producers and mills respect the production process to achieve an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellent quality and produced entirely in Ibiza.
We currently have several brands that have the Protected Geographical Indication Aceite de Ibiza seal:
  • Can Rich
  • Can Miquel Guasch
  • Can Domo
  • Can Caus
  • Cala Salada
  • Can Andreu
  • Can Maymó
  • Balàfia
  • Es Pla de n’Ortiz
  • Oliada
  • Joan Benet
  • La Banezie

Location and contact


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Fomento del Turismo de la Isla de Ibiza 2022

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