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Can Malacosta

About us

Can Malacosta is a family business in Ibiza founded in 1963, in 1993 we acquired a farm in San Carlos (Ibiza), where we currently have more than 5,800 fruit trees. For approximately 15 years we have been producing jam in an artisan way in our factory also located on the farm, where with the latest technology we can produce following the traditional recipe. 

When we decided to start, our goal was, and is, that it was completely made in Ibiza, and that it was handmade, because handmade tastes better. Our jams have a fruit content of up to 110% per 100g, a very high percentage of fruit, more than conventional jams, it only contains fruit and sugar, and does not contain any additives, preservatives or thickeners. Their jams taste like what they should taste like, fruit.



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