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Cooperativa Agrícola Sant Antoni

About us

The Cooperativa Agrícola Sant Antoni is a cooperative of agricultural services and supplies that has facilities, machinery and qualified personnel, which allow us to efficiently manage all issues and matters of interest to our members, offering them those services and products that are necessary for the proper development of their agricultural and / or livestock activity.

It was founded on November 25, 1951, and its activity was focused on the purchase of raw materials (seeds and fertilizers), and the sale of its members' productions (cereals, almonds, carobs, vegetables and pigs). Since its beginnings, the cooperative also invested in the purchase of machinery for agricultural work.

In 2004, the Cooperative adapted its bylaws to the new Cooperative Law and acquired the name of SCL Agrícola de San Antonio. In June 2007, the Cooperative was evaluated and its management system was certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

On October 28, 2009, the center for the collection, storage and processing of livestock feed was inaugurated by the authorities who actively participated in it (Govern Balear, Consell Insular and Ayuntamiento de San Antonio). This center includes a 1000 m2 warehouse, silos for the storage of about 200 tons of product, and the machinery for the elaboration of animal feed (mill, mixer, flaking machine, bagged product and bulk product lines). With them, it will be possible to acquire local cereal productions in perfect conditions, and at the same time, to incorporate them into the livestock feed industry.


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