Ibiza in your glass with the distillates of the Marí Mayans Family

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Ibiza in your glass with the distillates of the Marí Mayans Family

Since 1880, the Marí Mayans family has been producing a whole range of liqueurs and spirits born in the fields of Ibiza and Formentera.  For this reason, to speak of Marí Mayans is to speak of family tradition, of genuinely Ibizan products, of a philosophy that has remained intact for more than 140 years.

The reins of this historic company are currently held by the fifth generation of these renowned "alchemists". Carlos and Bartolomé Marí Mayans are responsible for the masterful pairing of an ancestral formula that has already become an icon of Ibiza. 

But the Marí Mayans family not only distils the typical (and world-renowned) Hierbas Ibicencas...

Hierbas, Frígola, Palo, Absinthe and Gins with a 100% Ibizan seal

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...but they also make other liqueurs that are just as popular, if not more so. Good examples are Frígolas (a spirit based solely on thyme and orange maceration) or Palo (an aperitif made from woody plants such as cinchona or gentian that today is consumed as vermouth).

On the other hand, the Marí Mayans Family produces three types of high-end gin (IBZ Premium, IBZ 48 Premium Dry and IBZ Pink Strawberry) and the historic Absinthe (made with "artemisia absinthium" and used mainly in cocktails).

Unique liqueurs in the world, with an Ibizan seal and unparalleled purity.

The secret is in the "how"

Hierbas Ibicencas Familia Marí Mayans are made following the handwritten recipes of Juan Marí Mayans, creator of this liqueur and founder of the first distillery in the Balearic Islands. This highly appreciated drink is obtained using totally artisanal methods, without ignoring the numerous technological advances that have allowed cutting-edge quality controls to be carried out, ensuring that all standards are met.

Below you can see the production process of the famous Ibizan herbs of the Marí Mayans family, which takes place in the company's own factory in the Polígono de Montecristo, where you can get there by smell alone....

Vídeo: QuéPlan?

Its recipe is as natural as its own history: lemon verbena, orange, lemon, aniseed, rosemary or the 'frígola' flower (a variety of thyme native to the Pitiusas islands).

These plants are hand-picked on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera by the same farmers who deliver them to the factory where they are selected, weighed and incorporated into the production process. Each one has its own specific treatment and that is precisely the key to the final result

Marí Mayans Family: tradition and innovation

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Familia Marí Mayans is committed to continue using the plants that the island has to offer, always basing their new liqueurs on the original handwritten recipes of the founder, Juan Marí Mayans. However, they do not renounce to give them an innovative touch to adapt them to the needs and tastes of the current market.

Proof of this are the special editions of their most iconic bottles and their strong commitment to international exports to countries as diverse as Italy, Russia, Japan and the Netherlands. Thanks to the Marí Mayans family, you can enjoy Ibiza in your glass anywhere in the world.

You can find out more about this local Ibiza product company by clicking on the following link.

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