Peix Nostrum, the seal of quality of Ibiza fish

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Peix Nostrum, the seal of quality of Ibiza fish

Ibiza is one of the Mediterranean destinations preferred by the most demanding gourmets. The fish from our island is one of the most demanded and appreciated products. Aware of the importance of ensuring the quality and sustainability of fish from Ibiza, the guilds of Ibiza and San Antonio registered the Peix Nostrum brand in 2008.

Thus, with this quality seal, it is guaranteed that the fish has been caught by a vessel of the professional fishing fleet of the island of Ibiza and that it has been handled, refrigerated and protected correctly, with maximum hygiene, and that it has been fished in a traditional, selective and environmentally friendly way.

A commitment to local products

Local trade and "zero kilometer" products are two fundamental aspects both for the island's economy and to ensure that the local products of Ibiza have the quality expected of them.

And these two aspects make up the philosophy of Peix Nostrum, where sustainability and excellence in Ibiza's fish play a fundamental role. This can only be achieved in one way: with a strict control of the traceability of the product.

In the same way, all the fishermen who make up Peix Nostrum are bound by its "Regulations for the good use of the brand", with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing not only the future of the sector but also the sustainability of such a precious resource as the fish from Ibiza.

Fish from the sea of Ibiza to the fish market, without intermediaries

The Peix Nostrum label ensures that its specimens have been caught by a vessel of the professional fishing fleet of the island of Ibiza and that no more than four hours have elapsed since its capture until its arrival at the fish market.

The wide variety of fish products on the market today means that there can be confusion about their origin. That is why Peix Nostrum is an appeal to value the importance of local product consumption, for its differentiated quality and sustainability.

A product that is also essential for the preparation of many of the typical dishes that you can eat in Ibiza, which as you know are a real treat for your taste buds...

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A fundamental project for the conservation of fishing grounds

The traditional systems used and still used today by Peix Nostrum's professional fishermen are highly selective and environmentally friendly. This avoids the over-exploitation of the fishing grounds and the capture of specimens in the growth phase.

Today, Ibiza's fishing grounds remain in an enviable state thanks to respect for artisanal fishing and the raw material. It is no coincidence that tourists and residents alike are increasingly demanding the Peix Nostrum seal of quality.

Because, after all, as the brand's slogan says, "if it's not Peix Nostrum, it's not fish from Ibiza", no matter how much they say...


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