The coffee of choice in Ibiza, the coffee of Cafés Ibiza

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The coffee of choice in Ibiza, the coffee of Cafés Ibiza

Today we are going to reveal a secret: how to start the day in the best way in Ibiza. And there are few things that can compare to the pleasure of the first coffee in the morning... And on our island there is an undoubted protagonist for this purpose: the local company Cafés Ibiza.

The history of this mythical company, which distributes the best coffee in Ibiza to individuals and businesses, begins in 1958. It was in that year when Vicente Tur set up a small roastery after returning from Venezuela loving his way of making coffee.

How far he has come is already known. Cafés Ibiza is today the first center of production of this indispensable beverage.

Locally produced coffee with the best beans in the world

The roasting, packaging and distribution process is carried out entirely in the roastery that Cafés Ibiza owns in Ca Na Negreta. This is where the varieties cultivated in the most trusted farms located in Brazil, Colombia and India arrive.

With them they produce the premium 100% Arabica coffee variety (the most demanded), although they also have other flavors. Ground, beans and compostable capsules are the formats that Cafés Ibiza distributes on the island.

To ensure the quality of their product, the roasting process is artisan and daily, ensuring a perfect aroma and flavor.

At home or in a restaurant, always Cafés Ibiza

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The commitment to do things well and to offer a careful customer service has earned Cafés Ibiza its current fame. A commitment that is still in force and that they take as a principle to improve the quality of their coffee day by day.

That is why today the striking packaging of Cafés Ibiza is present on the shelves of supermarkets, in the cupboards of the homes of Ibizans and accompanying all the moments that follow the pleasure of eating in Ibiza.

A coffee with a lot of personality and flavor

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For Sandra Anguita, local guide at Google, Cafés Ibiza markets the true "coffee of the island, with a lot of personality and quality". Like her, thousands of people enjoy a 100% Made in Ibiza product every day.

So don't be surprised when you can't order another brand once you've enjoyed the taste and aroma of Cafés Ibiza. It is, without a doubt, our favorite coffee, and I'm sure yours will soon be too!

You can learn more about Cafés Ibiza in our directory of locally produced products by clicking here.


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