Overall: unique experiences under the spotlight of taste

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Overall: unique experiences under the spotlight of taste

A project that is the dream of Jorge Álvarez and Mónica Patiño come true.  This is Overall Ibiza's calling card: the establishment that has arrived to revolutionise the concept of "eatery & drinkery"

Located in the heart of the island (in the idyllic village of Santa Gertrudis), Overall offers a proposal that is as daring as it is delicious. 

This is not a cocktail bar...

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...although it could very well pass for one. Few restaurants in Ibiza offer an authentic and innovative cocktail experience. One of them is Overall, where the art of mixology reaches another level.

Because here you won't find a standard menu, but rather all the drinks are their own unique creations. Co-owner Jorge Álvarez explained to Condé Nast: "Our drinks menu is based on ingredients, we don't describe brands, not even the distillate or liquor used, as practically all the production is made by us.

Another surprising detail about Overall is that it is the first establishment in Ibiza to self-sufficiently produce pure transparent ice

Creative gastronomy with local and seasonal produce

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Overall is one of those places where eating in Ibiza becomes an unforgettable experience. Mónica Patiño puts all her international experience and love of cooking into a 7-course tasting menu that varies according to the season.

Because yes, local produce is essential at Overall, as much or even more so than the fusion of the chef's Colombian roots with different ancestral smoking techniques and clear influences from Asian cuisine.

In short, Overall is the ideal place for foodies who are eager to discover surprising dishes in an eclectic atmosphere. 

An art gallery now devoted to the pleasure of eating and drinking

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Undoubtedly, one of the most surprising aspects of Overall Ibiza is the premises itself. What was once an art gallery has been rebuilt from the ground up to create a restaurant where attention has been paid to the smallest of details.

The walls have been hand-painted by Jorge himself, the furniture has been meticulously chosen to achieve a retro atmosphere and the "bar station" (totally personalised and adaptable) makes Overall look more like a gastronomy laboratory than a restaurant to some.

All in all, they have ensured that every visit to Overall becomes a unique experience under the spotlight of flavour.

Book a table at Overall Ibiza

If you also want to enjoy this innovative gastronomic proposal, all you have to do is book a table at Overall through one of the following channels:

  • By telephone, at 683 399 023.
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