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Jewels of Mediterranean cuisine in Ibiza: Roto and 180º Gastrobar

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Jewels of Mediterranean cuisine in Ibiza: Roto and 180º Gastrobar

There is no better place to taste Mediterranean cuisine than an island in the Mediterranean Sea (obviously).

And if you also add our top quality products and passion for good eating, the mix can only be simply sublime.

And as a good example of this, we present you 180º Gastrobar and Roto.

It is always a good time for the Mediterranean flavor


Although the term is too broad, taking into account that it covers cultures such as Turkish, Greek, Italian, Provençal, Spanish, etc. But we are all united by our taste for the production of olive trees, wheat and vines, and the use of native meats and fish.

In Ibiza our cuisine is marked by our history, and having been home to many different ethnicities we have ended up with one of the richest cuisines of all.

Red potatoes, fish from our coasts, native pigs and lambs, spices such as cinnamon and Jamaican pepper (totespécies), pebrassos from our forests, lemon verbena and mint, garlic and parsley... They are an important part of the kitchen of any Ibizan.

But what is really important is what you can achieve with all of this.

So we encourage you to discover some interesting bets

The leisure space you need is Roto

terraza de roto en ibiza

The pontoons of the Marina Ibiza marina are home to countless jewels; Of all of them, Roto is probably the one that has stolen our hearts the most.

This restaurant, with a careful atmosphere and a casual atmosphere, is the link between present and past, where artists, dreamers, and anonymous people got together regardless of their origin or what the future had in store for them. future.

Here you come to look for life and flavors that are only an echo in your memories, but that this restaurant in Ibiza strives to bring you back, renewed and with more powerful flavors.

Words do little justice to what is experienced in Roto: eating in Ibiza has never had as much meaning as it does here.

Honest cuisine and fresh spaces: discover 180º Gastrobar

interior de 180 gastrobar

We are not lying when we say that this Ibiza restaurant has a unique aura.

The views of Formentera, a lush and stimulating interior, softly lit to offer a magical evening, and a relaxing exterior with the sea breeze caressing you...

But this is not the only exceptional thing about 180º Gastrobar.

Their menu is an interesting fusion of traditional recipes with their own touches, all based on local and seasonal products, so the menu changes with the seasons.

So visit 180º Gastrobar whenever you can. Every time you will discover something new.

Discover more flavors with Eating in Ibiza

We hope this post has helped you whet your appetite and decide where to go looking for the best gastronomy in Ibiza.

Remember that on our blog you can find more information about our partners, Ibizan cuisine and gastronomic events in Ibiza.

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Take advantage!


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