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The Chef

The Chef Exclusive Service, from the founder and CEO of the company Alex Sanchez, offers a private chef and catering service at different events & weddings, so that his clients can enjoy true gastronomic experiences, without worries. 
Their commercial team provides personalised attention to each client, creating unique experiences and adapting to all their needs and desires, both on the island of Ibiza and beyond its borders.
They have great facilities and offices to receive you and be attended by their great sales and customer service team (see location).

Their catering service is available from private jets, boats, or at your own residence. Quality and professionalism are guaranteed wherever they offer their services.

Their experience in the sector, and their knowledge of the island, means that they know where to buy, always in the best markets. They offer gastronomic proposals created with high quality local raw materials impregnated with freshness, Mediterranean essence and international flair.
Don't hesitate, The Chef Exclusive Service will make your day to day life more comfortable. They are the people who will make you happy.


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