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Gastronomic activities for Easter

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Gastronomic activities for Easter

Throughout the country during Holy Week you can enjoy different dishes and desserts, often exclusive to this holiday.

Did you think that in Ibiza it was going to be different? Discover what we have for you.

Traditional Ibizan recipes

flao postre tradicional ibiza

As we have seen in previous entries, most of our gastronomic tradition has historical roots and reasons of necessity.

The recipes depend largely on the ingredients that were common to use when they originated, something that has been respected to the present.

During Holy Week you cannot consume meat, so our repertoire is reduced to fish and a very characteristic dish: cuinat.

Made with collejas (verdura in the local language) and different legumes that depend on the area, it is a dish designed to be cooked in abundance and enjoyed for several days.

In addition, you can never miss buñuelos, oralletas and flaó as a culmination to a meal served, if possible, in good company.

Tierra de Ibiza makes it easy for you

Our beloved partners do an impressive job for all residents and visitors who want to discover our most authentic flavors.

And as it could not be otherwise, during Holy Week they organize various courses so that all cooking and food lovers can soak up our traditions.

What are you waiting for to sign up?

Cooking workshops for children

ninos cascando un huevo con ayuda de un adulto

During the little ones' well-deserved rest you could participate together in something fun and different.

Choose what you want to taste!

Buñuelos and xerips workshop

For two and a half hours, you will learn how to make our delicious traditional fritters and their cousins the xerips.

In the registration all the ingredients are included, apron, hat... And you can take the result home!

You have an appointment in Tierra de Ibiza at 11:30 on Thursday, March 28.

You can register comfortably at its website.

Mona's Easter Workshop

For a few years now, this desert has become popular in Ibiza, and Tierra de Ibiza wants to help you discover it.

It is extremely curious, since it consists of a cake with an egg on top: if you want to know why, you will have to find out from them.

This workshop also includes everything necessary, and takes place on April 1 at 11:30.

Does it sound good? Registration is now open at your website.

Learn to cook borrida de ratjada

adultos cocinando en taller de cocina

For the older ones, on April 6 at 12:00 an Ibizan cooking workshop is organized in which you will learn to prepare a starter, a salad, borrida de ratjada (ray stew) and even a dessert.

In the borrida de ratjada some of our most characteristic flavors such as toasted almond and saffron accompany the fish, potatoes and egg, giving the recipe our purest essence.

When finished, you will be able to taste the fruit of your effort with your companions.

Prepare the apron! You can sign up now at their website.

Enjoy the best gastronomy in Ibiza

We hope that you are encouraged to participate in one of these workshops, or that you simply discover new flavors during this Holy Week.

You can consult our list of traditional restaurants if you need advice on where eat in Ibiza, or the other entries from our blog for more specific recommendations.

Bon appétit!


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